singapore: hawker stands, peanut pancake

Singapore,  oh how I love your hawker stands!  I have yet to find a place that takes as much pride in its street food as Singapore.  Sure, there are probably enough high profile people that gush about it (Bourdain, KF Seetoh etc), but as an eater I can’t help myself.  The place is built for exploring.  In a way hawker stands are a very user friendly way to eat through Singapore in nice categorized bites.  Need some soy milk stop at the soy milk stand.  Hungering for some Hainanese chicken, they’ve got a stand for that, just look out for the hanging chicken spines. 

So when I go to Singapore I have to swing through the stands even if I’m not planning to eat anything.  I’ll flip through my old copy of the Makansutra and see if there is anything I still have to (die die must) try. With my parents in tow, Grace and I went to the hawker stand in Chinatown.  We had just eaten breakfast and it was still early for lunch, but I still thought we could walk through. May be I’ll find a nice snack – oh look pancakes!

The pancakes are made in large sheets and rolled with a filling like coconut, peanut or red bean paste.  For 50 cents a slice, how could I say no?  (Really, how? My waistline would really like to know.) 


The pancake was thick and filled with peanuts.  It had a nice chewy texture and was nice as it was still warm. The slice was just enough as any more might have been too heavy.

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