singapore: mei heong yuen dessert, mango snow ice

After lunch at Holland XO Fish Head Bee Hun, the Singapore heat was starting to nag.  As we were leaving Chinatown, we passed the open air Mei Heong Yuen Dessert.  The restaurant takes up the space of two stalls side by side with some seating out front and serves traditional Asian desserts.  While I love sweet soups like a the aromatic murky black sesame, I was looking for something cooler. 


From the corner of my eye, I spotted a woman sitting by herself; in front of her was a mound of dessert.  As she worked on the mountain of food, I knew, I need to eat this. 

The mango snow ice is a mammoth serving of mango flavored ice topped with mango syrup with fresh mango along side for good measure.  The dish is mango flavored through and through.  The ice is airy; and after eating a few bites it’s clear that one person could easliy finish it without too much guilt. 

The ice is much like an italian ice or sorbet, but feels more ethereal from the effect of the shaving.  It has the impressions of a smooth cream, but the refreshing quality of ice. 

Perhaps I’m behind, but I was blown away.  I’ve had Asian dessert ices (e.g. Taiwanese Ice etc.) before, but this was like none I had ever had; and I want more.  Mei Heong Yuen Dessert has combination flavors with mixes like mango and strawberry or black sesame and almond.  It may be 10 degress here in Milwaukee, but I want me some shaved ice.

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One Response to “singapore: mei heong yuen dessert, mango snow ice”
  1. Danny says:

    that even looks like it has a velvety texture. jeebus! be still my heart!

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