hong kong (Sham Tseng): yue kee roast goose


Near the end of our trip to Hong Kong, Grace and I stopped by to see my cousin Mark and his wife Winnie.  For as long as I can remember he has been a serious eater and it seems things had not changed.  When we arrived an assortment of cookies were waiting for us.  They … Continue reading

macau: zi yat heen (slideshow), two michelin star chinese


Walking through the Four Seasons Macau we came upon Zi Yat Heen, a 2 Michelin starred Chinese restaurant.   It made us wonder: what doess Michelin starred Chinese food look like? Menu Dim Sum Combination (har gow, shumai, char siu sou) Conpoy Soup with Shredded Abalone and Assorted Ingredients XO Cheong Fun Steamed Garoupa with … Continue reading

macau: pork chop bun, egg tarts

DSC_1304 copy

After getting back to Hong Kong from Singapore, Grace and I swung through Zhu Hai on our way to Macau.  In a period of 6 hours, I went through 3 customs desks.  Though I had never been to Macau, I had heard that it was flourishing as the “Las Vegas of Asia.”  And it certainly has the gambling and … Continue reading

singapore: street ice cream


One of the stranger things I’ve eaten on the streets of Singapore is not any animal viscera or a strange fungus, but an ice cream sandwich … literally … an ice cream sandwich.  As I was strolling down Orchard Rd on a given tropic night, my mood was best described as moist; I saw the vendor on … Continue reading

singapore: ion center food court, li xin fish balls


So hawker stands aren’t your thing, what can you do?  Well, you’re in luck! Singapore’s love of food is evident even in the high-class malls of Orchard Rd.  Ion Orchard Center is maze like mall on Orchard Rd with a large food court (Food Opera) in its basement (B4).  The food court has a set of … Continue reading

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