gale gand’s blackberry financier… a little bigger


This weekend was Grace’s birthday and I decided to make her a cake. But after the arduous task of making the coconut cake, I thought something less mind-blowingly time consuming simplier would be in order.  Years back we had seen a recipe from Gale Gand’s Sweet Dreams for a blackberry financier and thought this was the perfect … Continue reading

big a$$ coconut cake


It may seem silly to make a cake for a child that still isn’t even allowed solid food, but it seemed like an  appropriate way to celebrate his first month alive (I also needed to bring something to a work related event, so two-birds-with-one-stone and all). What kind of cake would my 1 month old like?  He does … Continue reading

postpartum cook: fish and papaya soup

fish papaya soup

It’s been a month since the birth of my son, and I have already gone back to work.  Even with all the extra chores, it’s nice to come home and cook.  Continuing with the theme of things I have been mandated to make for Grace -  fish soup with papaya.  Now I haven’t been able … Continue reading

postpartum cook: ginger fried rice


Since coming back from the hospital (with my our new son), Grace and I have not really left the house.  And while the days have really blurred together in a sort of sleepless cry-filled haze, it has left us more time to cook. And while I was not planning on making anything special, I started … Continue reading

peter reinhart, pain a l’ancienne


I am not a baker; but I have become a little preoccupied with baking bread.  Not quite to the point I’d be willing to bake the same loaf every week for a year like William Alexander, but enough that I wanted to try it and do it well. So the first thing I did was go … Continue reading

beer & pork shoulder rillettes


It was staring at me.  I could feel it.  It was hidden on a lower shelf at the grocery store, but I saw it right away.  With a coyness, I looked away.  I tried browsing the other oils (didn’t I need some canola?) but it always came back to the tub of lard. “Buy me” it said.  … Continue reading

brown sugar glazed lamb ribs

grilled lamb ribs

After our meal at the Girl and the Goat, I kept thinking about lamb ribs.  Little juicy lamb ribs, or as Danny likes to remind me, baby sheep ribs.  The lamb ribs were delicious and made me wonder why I hadn’t eaten them before.  Then I thought, don’t lamb chops have bones that look like … Continue reading

grilled halibut with salsa verde

grilled halibut with salsa verde

I noticed that my neighbor, the chef, is out grilling a lot out back.  I found out that he happens to be a chef of a restaurant that specializes in seafood, and that got me thinking about grilling fish.  I had been hesitant because fish can sometimes get temperamental on the grill (wanting to be … Continue reading

bluefin tuna, h-mart & tempatation

Bluefin Tuna Sale

“Bluefin tuna sale?!” Grace said with a touch of excitement as we walked into H Mart.  I must not have heard her or I would have been more prepared for the sight as we turned to corner into the fish section just past the row of noodles.  Laid out across stainless steel tables was a … Continue reading

hickory smoked country ribs

Hickory Smoked Country Ribs with Boxwood Basil Lime Chimichurri, served with Roasted Kohlrabi, closer

All the boxes are out of the house, which is nice.  And the grill has arrived, which is nicer.  Since work hasn’t quite started yet,  I even have some time to play with it.  I didn’t get a smoker, or even a charcoal grill for the sake of convenience (though I probably will get a … Continue reading

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