milwaukee: hmong corn bread (ncuav pob kws) at sister’s cafe


I must confess that I love that sticky chewy glutinous texture that is a part of so many Asian snacks and desserts.  I totally understand that this is cultural and that some people just don’t get the appeal of the mouth feel, but I love it.  I seek it out and when I see snacks … Continue reading

milwaukee: miss cupcake

DSC_8803 slide

My waistline, always in a state of peril as it is, was place in immediate danger of expansion.  Miss Cupcake, Ashley Weber’s new storefront, opened yesterday just a few blocks from home.  In fact it is the perfect distance for me when I go on short walks with my son Nicholas.  The store promises to have pies, … Continue reading

milwaukee: long cheng noodle & grill, laab kom (bitter laab)


“Bitter?” Grace thought for a bit before answering, “Just a little.” I was sitting down with my son and searching for a way to keep him occupied.  I wipe the sweat from his nose as clings to me in the 90 degree heat and try to find a spot where a quick blow from the … Continue reading

milwaukee: beach burger face-off, northpoint vs bradford beach

Jogging Path

I was thinking about getting my body into beach shape and what better way to do that than eat two hamburgers (protein is good for building muscles, right?).  So with the Surg group taking over the Bradford Beach concession stand, just 1000 feet or so away from Bartolotta’s Northpoint Custard, there are two places close … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY: 2 Tickets to SloPig Milwaukee 4.22.12


Disclaimer: Since I am opposed to any form of shilling, I think it’s important to note that I am not involved in the production of this event and have purchased tickets to the event with my own money. When I first heard about SlowPig in Madison, I thought why couldn’t it be in Milwaukee?  And … Continue reading

milwaukee: umami moto, ramen hunting

photo 2

I walked into the Umami Moto with it’s curving white walls and black faux-snake skin seats alone.  The restaurant was empty save for the bartender and the hostess. I walked to the hosted and held my finger up, “table for one.”  She was wearing a fitted suit jacket with what seemed like nothing underneath; her eye liner drew … Continue reading

milwaukee: charro, offalfest


I wasn’t sure how it happened, but as I tried to feed and dress our 7 month old in preparation for a weeknight dinner out, I got excited.  Had it been this long since we’d been out on a school night?  When Grace arrived home we had to move quickly to ready the baby, both … Continue reading

milwaukee: beta by sabor


Every so often it seems like everyone is talking about one restaurant.  Recently, it seems like that restaurant here in Milwaukee is Beta by Sabor.  Beta is the lounge area in front of the Brazilian churrascaria Sabor which serves small plates and is all buzz. I wonder sometimes if in fact I am actually seeing … Continue reading

milwaukee: taco truck crawl


On the way home from Pacific Produce, I often find myself driving through Jackson Park/Layton Park/Lincoln Village and looking longingly at the streets studded with taco trucks.  I’d look at Grace with a sense of longing.  “Can’t we just stop for a taco?” my eyes would say.  And with a quick and stern turn of the … Continue reading

milwaukee: lake park bistro (slideshow)


Ever since the baby arrived, we’ve been reluctant to leave the house with or without child in tow.  After much discussion, Grace’s parents convinced us to sneak out for a bit of alone time.  But when it came time to make a decision about where to go, there were a lot of things to consider … Continue reading

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